Monday, November 12, 2012

Lost in my 2 worlds: Urban PA and  Rural NYC
CNTRL PA: We enjoyed the warm weather as we sat gathered around the picnic table there under the overhanging branches behind the log cabin. With my back to the woods, I sipped my wine and listened to the polite conversation when Rod abruptly interrupted. "There's a bear," he grunted in his deadpan way.

Susie screamed, jumped up and ran into the house. I turned to look into the woods and marveled at a black bear sitting on his haunches in the small clearing some 30 feet away. He stared back at me then slowly stood and walked amongst the large pine trees and out of site. Rod had been feeding the deer and the 5-gallon feed bucket came bouncing out into the clearing as if the bear was saying ""You forgot to fill this!" We waited. We listened. Nothing more. We did a little searching but the large bear had magically disappeared.

NYC: Two days later we sat with friends at one of our favorite restaurants on 9th Ave. and 43rd street.  Especially nice is their wall of windows that fold out of site so that it feels like a sidewalk cafe. I sat with my back to the windows and enjoyed the jazz pianist. When she finished her song a round of polite applause followed then our gay friend suddenly shrieked, "There's Joan Rivers!" he screamed.

I wanted to jump up and run away! Joan had paused at the window to listen to the live music.
I turned to look but she had ducked out of site