Monday, August 20, 2012

Just finished a new large landscape (36 x 30"). It is always such a satisfying feeling especially cuz I struggled with the direction and mood of this one. Didn't really start working until I put away the photograph and trusted the vision. Pick up a glass. Cheers mate!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

I hope I don’t get arrested by the blog police. I mean I know (or pretend to understand) blogs are for “I got a hangnail today” or… whatev. But...

My finest piece of art, my Magnum opus  (or in this case opuses) is/are my two sons, Ned and Scott. As an artist and a confessed egocentric driven perfectionist I can still look outside my own crap and there is nothing more important, nothing I am more proud. And now, with Renee, I have the opportunity to influence my step-sons, Brandon and Brady and love them and guide them and support them no matter what. Ok where’s the grand kids?